Non Photorealistic Shading

This page shows geometries shaded in such a way that they are intended to mimic the "look" of images recorded by a scanning electron microscope.

Final Animation

Side by Side Comparison

Other Reference Images

Visualizer (with displacement) and Occlusion Render (without displacement)

Technical Issues and Problems

For this project, the issue I ran into the most was struggling to get crisper edges on my models My edges are a little too rounded unlike the orginal SEM image. I would like to add more of the detail in the displacement by using fractals in addition to the alligator noise.

Link to SEM_Edge.osl
Link to SEM_direction.osl
Link to Alligator_noise.osl

Self Evaluation

Overall, I feel pretty content about the turnout of the final animation and images. I am very happy that I chose a black and white image. I was able to focus more on the shape and the positioning of the models as well as the animation. If I had not done that I think I would've been a bit stressed on this project. I also think the subtle piece of the scientific information in the animation and the final 4K image makes the 3D recreation a bit more realistic and believable.