This web page displays the results of modeling and rendering a scene, consisting of the page of a popup book, using Maya and Pixar's RenderMan for Maya.

Final Renders


Inspiration and Reference Images

While looking for ferris wheel inspiration, I focused on paper or cardboard models and simple toy pieces that had clearly defined geometric shapes that showed and would hold a large structure similar to a real ferris. I also wanted to see how far the structure could be pushed creatively using methods such as origami.

Photographs of the prototype paper popup page

Given the deadline for this project and the errors that come with learning a new renderer, I decided to let go of the idea to create geometry similar to that of origami and focused created a model that stayed closely to primitive shapes seen in my reference images..


With modelling, as I previously stated, I decided to work closely with primitive shapes. I did my best to keep the models simple and clean as well as proportioned in size. I did my best to work in chunks. First I created the books that the open model would be laying on top of. Next I created the primary ferris wheel and open book model. After that I fine-tuned the models and even ended up taking out a book model so the scene would be more cohesive.


For look dev, I used a mix of Substance and free images online. I definitely wish I made more time for lighting and texturing. I got a bit carried away with perfecting the models of this project. I created a three point light set up as seen in the first image. I used a mix of Substance and image sources I found online to texture my models. My uving on some pieces did not turn out very well. I needed to spend more time and care in some places on this piece but I know better for the next project.

Final Thoughts

Overall for this project, I believe I created a diorama that helped me improve my creative workflow and better understand how to utilize Renderman with Maya. I enjoyed researching ferris wheels and creating different carriers in addition to experimenting with origami. My priorities continuing with the next projects are planning more time for uving, texturing and rendering errors as well as doing more in cataloging my work process in all areas.