This web page displays the results of modeling and rendering a scene, consisting of the page of a popup book, using Maya and Pixar's RenderMan for Maya.

Final Renders

Photographs of the prototype paper popup page

Inspiration and Reference Images

Open it up in a seperate window and scroll around.

Hi Res reference images.The goal was to create a camp

scene that felt lived in, despite being made out of paper

I was fascinated by the book carvings and the feeling of

the taxedermy scenes and wanted to try and capture a sense of that twisted humor aspect.

Modeling and Look-dev

I was having issues with the non-pure black

You can see the expression used to control the different

values and clamp them to something that the presence mask would better control

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. While there were certainly a few hiccups along the way with the image tool reader not responding I eventually managed to diagnose the issue to my second monitor and after localizing where the IT opened to my primary monitor I was again able to use the software as was intended for the class. Additionally I ran into an issue regarding presence maps because I used mid-grey values, though this was solved through the use of expressions to clamp the black values and properly cut out the grass with out losing detail. I had the idea to try and tell a meta narrative through environmental storytelling, perhaps people of paper may have lived in these? Maybe a musician finally snapped and stopped themselves from continuing to destroy their work and instead find a new creativity with it. Looking back I feel as though I would want to include more dynamic elements of animation, perhaps actually see the book fold open, or see the opening to the tent begin to flutter.