PROJECT 1: Spatial Discontinuity

My goal was creating a model which imply to hunting panther is forbidden. Actually, there is a rarely type of panther exist in Iran that is in danger of extinction by irregular hunters. When I was serching for an idea I thought it should be more simple and minimal than complex particle set in order to get audences attention,and also be more easy to understand my point.

Still Image

Final Render

My Inspiration


Process and Development

At first I tried to find a way to modeling by according to focal point of camera.

Then I dicided to modeling through two camera with the same key but at the vice versa position in timeline.

I manupulated the panther to different shapes in a another view angle.Finaly I made gun, because I wanted to make something meaningful.

Problems and solutions

One of the problems I faced to was making spiline thicker. I tried extrud, but it doesn't works, so I used "Renderman Atrribiutes".



Test Render