PROJECT 4: Maya Shader Animation

This page displays the results of modeling and animating a scene using Pixar's RenderMan for Maya Pattern Animation using Open Shading Language (OSL).

OSL- How it works

Basically the shader of each objects change when CoordSys get close to them. It means shaders recognize the distance to CoordSys. It Could change the color, presence, displacement, or anything you want to.


Hypershade Network

After and Before Composition

Problems and solutions

1- I've found that if more than one output of OSL shader connect to a material, it would takes more time to render the image!
2- I didn't know that the range of output frame to render on batch Render should not goes upper than one hundered!

After and Before Composition


When I involved with this project, I realized how much the ability to write the OSL could helps me in future. One of the things I like to add my OSL shader and developed it is the path of the CoordSys's shader remains on other objects, so I can connect shader to any FX parameter in order to create or manipulate new element.