Maya shader animation

Animated shader

This web page displays the results of animating custom surface shaders

The final project needs us to take our custom made shaders and animate them. I made a custom heart shaped shader. My scene shows a heart appearing and dispersing into another. The scene set up shows a generic male and female scenario. We see a set of Ipod Nano's standing on a table. A heart appears in the blue Ipod and flows into the pink one.

Maya shader animation

Custom Shader


Scene with custom shader


Hypershade Nodes 1

I have used the noise utility to achieve the entire animation. Multiple nodes have been used to make the animation possible. A noise utility drives the scale values to make the heart appear. Further, the heart starts to disperse and move towards the other Ipod. Noise has been added to the XS values in the custom heart shader. In both cases the threshold and amplitude values have been animated to achieve the desired effect.


One of the animations was giving trouble and was not going through completely. The default Maya values were not affecting it the way I required them to. Another remap value node was added to the noise and then the required effect was achieved. This helped to take the parameters further than what Maya allowed one to do.

Hypershade Nodes 2


Attributes 1


Attributes 2


Conclusion-It was an interesting project to work on. I was excited to see and work on a shader that was made from scratch by me. It was even more exciting to animate it and see the results. I am happy to see that it is working fine and I was able to render out a decent output.