After Aldo Rossi and Michael Graves

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figure 1


The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to write a MEL script that will generate the teapot shown in figure 1. The design of the teapot is loosely based on a combination of Aldo Rossi's Il Conico Hob Kettle designed in 1986 and Michael Graves Alessi teapot designed in 1985. The conical lid must be separate from the body of the teapot. Although the model shown above does not have a base your script must provide one.

What is Expected?

Your MEL script should be capable of automatically adjusting the placement and angle of the spout to accommodate different diameters that might be chosen for the body of the teapot. In other words, if the value for the diameter of the teapot is changed in your script then the spout should remain "attached". Likewise for the size of the disk that represents the underside of the teapot.


This is a completion exercise. To be awarded a pass you must,

  • link an image (a screen shot will be acceptable) of your teapot to a web page titled "teapot",
  • the teapot web page must display the text of your two scripts,
  • ensure the description at the top of the web page accurately describes what the page displays,
  • link the "teapot" page to your main web page,