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TOPIC: Mood-- Create a scene and render it in 5 different moods with transitions from one mood to the next.

I would like to use several of the models that I have plus a few basic others that I will create, to make a scene and light it in several different ways to create different moods. There will be very little, if any actual character animation, simply so I can focus on the lighting. I would like to set my characters at a table in a room with some basics on the table like they are at a tea party. The project will start with the neutral three-point lighting and then fade into the different lighting scenarios to tell the story of what is going on at the tea party. The idea is to create a conversation at the tea party using only lighting. Different colors of lights in different positions will be incorporated with different framed shots of characters and the entire scene to develop the story.

The party will start with a happy, sunny mood, which then turns to a gossipy evil green, then to a angry red, with a strange jump back to the happy when the party ends and they say see you next week seemingly with no hard feelings about the argument, then to one character at the table alone/sad, and ends with a sad but ironically happy/content feeling.

c h e c k p o i n t 1

DUE 11/08/04: Finished models and scence setup with camera angles

c h e c k p o i n t 2

DUE 11/10/04: Textures completed and applied

c h e c k p o i n t 3

DUE 11/15/04: Lighting completed with shadows and ready to render

f i n a l     p r e s e n t a t i o n

DUE 11/17/04: Final Renders Due

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Following is the documentation of my research and reference I have found and created for this mood project.

Reference site1

Reference site2

Reference site3

Reference site4