RenderMan: Dynamic Secondary Geometry

This project was done using Pixar's custom mel procedures to create secondary geometry at "render-time".  The Blobby procedure is something I found very interesting and inspiring.  I decieded to apply it to a nCloth simulation to create a object that would feel as though it were otherworldly.


Glass Cloth from Jake Wisdom on Vimeo.

I find the integration between the UI and back end code to be very interesting.  The way everything is easily laid out so that the interface creation is easy, and driven by what you really want to do, is a very nice feature not many other programs contain.


This was my first time really using Renderman, and I really enjoyed it from both the rendering and shading viewpoint.  I wanted to have my material be similar to glass, so I started with the Renderman glass shader which helped me to intuitively get where I wanted.  I feel th quality of the render's, even with a somewhat simple scene, has far surpassed the beauty of anything I have done with other render engines.


I had a handful of problems getting everything implemented and working, but I feel that I understand the code pretty well, and am just getting more aqcuainted with this format and technique.