Problems and solutions

  • The challenging part were create each pyramid in a right angle based on torus surface and shifting each toros in order to make a trumpet. First I manipulate the getVertices script to just get Vertices ID insted of getting Vertices position and then I moved each Pyramid pivot to the center of it's cap. Finally, they align to the pyramid's surrfaces by using "point by poly constrain". For making trumpet I'v done a little math(you can find it on the folower.mel file) . In addition, I tried to develope my code in order to delete all pyramids which are under the torus, but I hadn't enough time to finish it.


  • One lesson here is that it definitely takes experience to learn how to condense code professionally. Should there have been more time, I would return to the code and clean it up by condensing it in a more logical way. Programming is extremely appealing to me, and I wish to continue developing my programming skills. This project is to be continued by creating an User Interface for it in Mel User Interface.