Repurposing MoCap Data


Motion capture data (mocap) is normally used to achieve realistic character motion. This technical breakdown explores how mocap data can be used to generate a variety of alternative visual effects.

Aberdeen Shang

Ink Wash Cloud - Mocap -VFX (Winter 2018) from Aberdeen Shang on Vimeo.


Kung Fu Motion Visualization from Tobias Gremmler on Vimeo.

Work Flow

UI Description

Mocap Data

For the body of this running person, I found Man Running Mocap Data from website:

Then I used Excel to find all the position imformation, and created new Datas: Hatand Footprint.




Texture Node

Other Interesting Testing Renders


All scripts are from Professor Malcolm Kesson.

Find more details on these two course websites:

Python - Parsing MoCap Data

Python & RfM - Repurposing MoCap Data

Thank You. :)