The proceural techniques presented in this technical breakdown use Pixar's custom mel procedures (part of RenderMan for Maya) to create secondary geometry at "render-time". The breakdown explains how a custom interface was added to Maya to enable the generation of the secondary geometry to be controlled in an artist-friendly way.

Graduate Renderman Portfolio//VSFX 702//Programming Concepts for Visual Effects

Aberdeen Shang

Lichens - Renderman -VFX (Winter 2018) from Aberdeen Shang on Vimeo.

References & Inspiration


For this project, I basically used Professor Malcolm Kesson's scripts RiMel - rgbMeshArchives. However this script can only be used on a flat plane. I tried it on a cylinder and a sphere, it has some errors. So I made some change, so I can control Y-position also by reading the color. What's more, these scripts I created can also read several different Archives randomly.


Archives 1/

when color on the map is red

Archives 2/

when color on the map is green

Archives 3/

when color on the map is blue

Color Map

Adjust the height of the archives alone with the number of the grayscale from the ramp on the color map

Archive Models

if the number of Heights are 0, then the archives position on Y will not be controlled by color map. The result will be that all the archives stay in a horizontal plane.

if the number s of Heights are not 0, in this case the numbers are above 0. The archives position on Y will be placed like they are on a cylinder with this color map.

Final Occulusion

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