Final Render


To begin I wanted to create 3 different spheres similar to one of my reference images. It shows 3 different spheres.
A big one, a medium located inside the big one and a small inside of that one.I thought it would be easier to create it using a loop.
I shows the size I wanted it to increment by and decided to include the ability to control how many spheres where created.

Global Procedure: Planets

The next step was for me to add the rings to make the planet resemble Saturn. I created a loop that would control the amount of nurbsTorus (rings).
I new what size I wanted so I included it in the loop itself not as a part of the global procedure to keep it simple. However it could be a feature included as well.

Global Procedure: Rings

I then wanted to add some small stars to the scene. I did this by creating another loop this time using rand to randomize the values of X, Y, and Z.
I set the perameters withing the loop so the stars would be concentrated around the planet then I added the ability to control the amount of stars using the global procedure.
I also added the ability to control the size as I thought that would be a useful tool to have while creating my scene.

Global Procedure: Mini Stars

For the final touch I wanted to add some variety for the scene. I added some mid size stars that would later be textured differently then the mini stars.
The loop is almost identical to the mini stars with differences in size and the radius.

Global Procedure: Mid Stars

Lighting and Texturing

After making my scene in MEL I began to do the lighting and texturing. It was very challenging as I used glass to create a transparent surface to match my reference images.
Making a glass sphere within a glass sphere was not working so I had to adjust so refraction settings. Then came the lighting. I included a light inside the sphere to get the bright center look.
Then another light behind the planet to give it a second ring of light and an added rim light effect.