Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where a lot of questions and problems you may have can be resolved.
If you’re having trouble finding answer, please check out SFDM’s forum or send us a Problem Report.

I’m having problems logging into a computer.

First try logging in as username “student” password “student“, once it logs you in a browser should open and prompt you to change your password. Once you have entered and submit your new password you may log out of the computer and try logging in using your MySCAD username and your new password. If this does not resolve the error please contact the help desk at 525-4567.

Can I have a plug in or piece software installed for class use?

All software requests must be submitted through a faculty member and evaluated by administrative staff before an installation can be done.

I would like to retrieve data in my old network storage drive from a previous quarter, is this possible?

Unfortunately, data from previous quarters are often deleted to make room for the next quarter, but if you could submit the name of the files and the directory they resided in you wish to retrieve in a Problem Report we may be able to help.

What happens to the old computers, are they for sale?

The computers that are no longer used in Montgomery Hall are often redistributed through out the campus. Computers are not sold to students, faculty, or staff under any circumstances.

I’m having problems with the render farm.

Please refer to the Render Farm FAQs or the SFDM Forum.

I would like to ask for group project space, the adding of a new user to said space, or additional storage space, how do I do that?

Go to the Collaborative Space Manager and follow the directions.