Printing Resources

Printing Stations

Due to the high demand for printers and paper and SCAD’s efforts to maintain an efficient and waste-free school, we have set up printing stations on every floor of Montgomery Hall for public use. We have opted to offer a more environmentally aware service to Montgomery Hall users where users make the conscious intent to print as opposed to network printing where anyone can casually print from any place with the click of a button. This way, people are encouraged to print only if they truly need to.


Printing Station Locations

Printing stations are located on the ends of the hallways on each floor.

Room # of Stations Operating System
1st Floor 120 1 PC
2nd Floor 205 2 PC/PC
3rd Floor 302 2 PC/PC


Procedures for Printing

  1. Find an unused printing station.
  2. Log on using your username and password.
  3. Open the file(s) you wish to print.
  4. Select the Print command to open up the Print dialogue.
  5. Put your paper into the correct tray on the printer.
  6. Select the correct printer associated to your printer station and hit OK.
  7. Repeat process for each file you need to print.
  8. Log out and take your printed pages.


Bring Your Own Paper

Remember to bring your own paper! Because of excessive waste of paper, SCAD will no longer be providing paper for printing.