Cage Policy Updates

Fall 2020

Welcome to Fall Quarter!

Before Getting Equipment:
• Fill out the Policies and Procedure form at the beginning of EVERY quarter. The form can be filled out in person at the Cage Rm123
• Only Montgomery Hall Majors (ANIM, MOME, VSFX, ITGM) can check out equipment
• Students at the Shed can check out Cintiq pens (2 days Max)
When making a Reservation:
• Always have your Student ID when reserving/checking out Equipment
• Most reservations need to be made 24hrs in advance
• Some Equipment Requires Professor Approval. Speak with a Cage Monitor to find out what does
• Reservations can be made through you MySCAD under Student Workspace>Student toolkit>Savannah WebCheckout PIR
o Before you can use this, you must fill out the Policies and Procedures Form
When Picking Up:
• Be on time. You can be fined for being late or for “no-show”
• Check ALL your equipment before you leave, Once you leave it is your responsibility
When Returning:
• Be on time. Late returns will result in fines.
o IF you are late with a cintiq pen twice, you lose your privileges and owe us 75$
• Return everything together
• Give us time to check everything

50$ If you are late
25$ For “No Shows”
25$ Negligence/Disposal
75$ Late Cintiq Pen (On your 2nd Late return)
$$ Damaged Equipment will cost the replacement
In each stated Case a Hold will be applied to the students account and they will no longer be allowed to checkout equipment. All fines will need to be paid before privileges are regained.

Please check back here regularly to see any new news from Montgomery Equipment Checkout!