Equipment Checkout (Cage) Policies

The “Cage” is a name used to describe the Student Equipment Checkout Facility, located on the first floor of Montgomery Hall, room 123. The Cage is open during the following hours:

Fall, Winter, Spring Quarters
Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 10:00pm
Friday – Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm

Summer Quarter
Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Friday – Saturday 10:00am – 8:00pm
Closed on Sundays

The Cage can be reached at (912) 525-8582 during operation hours, but no phone reservations, extensions or cancellations are permitted via the phone.
This phone is merely to inquire about Equipment Checkout policies and procedures or to inform the Cage of a true emergency.

Equipment Checkout Rules and Regulations

Eligibility for Equipment Use

ENROLLMENT: A student must be enrolled in at least one class in the Computer Art department to be eligible to checkout equipment from the Cage. Montgomery equipment is dedicated only for students with the following majors, minors, or even double majors: Motion Media, Animation, Visual Effects, and Interactive Design and Gaming Development. Students taking CMPA classes may check out a limited few types of equipment.

VALID ID: A student must present a validated SCAD student ID with a sticker of the current quarter (e.g. Fall 2006) for any checkouts. Validation stickers can be obtained at Turner House and Propes Hall 1st Floor. No validated SCAD student ID, no checkout. Other forms of identifications (passport, SAM’s membership card, driver’s license) are not acceptable. All students checking out equipment must appear on the Computer Art roster.

Checkout Procedures

All reservations/checkouts must be made in person in the Cage.

Equipment Reservation Instructions => Web-checkout PIR – Monty

Montgomery Hall Equipment Checkout (Cage)

Web-checkout PIR – Monty
Most equipment is checked out on 5-hour intervals. Stop Motion Equipment is checked out on 10-hour intervals. Cintiq Pens and WACOM Tablets are checked out on 10-hour intervals.

Equipment returned late constitutes a $75 fine after the first 15 minutes of being late, denoted as the “grace period”. An additional $75 is charged for every half-hour late after the original return time. The only equipment that does not adhere to this rule are DVDs, WACOM Tablets and Cintiq Pens. WACOM Tablets and Cintiq Pens will receive a $35 fine if late after a one hour grace period. We do not fine students for being late with DVDs – however, they must return their DVD checkouts on time. Three instances of being late on a DVD return will result in the student being reported to the Student Conduct office.

Tablets, styluses, Cintiq Pens, DVD manuals, and book manuals cannot leave the building. All other equipment can be taken from the building.

Grad-Only equipment can be checked out ONLY by Grad students; therefore, both people involved in requesting a back to back reservation for Grad equipment must be Graduate students.

Equipment Reservation

Equipment may be reserved in the Cage on first-come, first-served basis. Students are encouraged to reserve early, and may do so up to one week in advance.

1. DO NOT call the Cage to sign up for equipment time – we do not do phone reservations or cancellations. You may call to inform us of accidents, problems, complications and other issues that might arise with your reservation. In the event of an emergency, students may call the Cage to hold reserved equipment for up to one hour after a scheduled pick-up time.

2. A student’s reservation will be deleted automatically after half an hour if they do not pick it up from the Cage. Their time slot will be lost and they will be fined a $25 No Show Fee. Multiple offenses can result in suspension of privileges. Students can call in to inform if they are going to be late for pickups only for valid reasons.

3. All reservations for the next day must be placed by an hour prior to closing on the day before. We do not accept same-day reservations for most equipment. Same day reservations and checkouts can only be made for the following: Tablets, Cintiq Pens, Training DVDs, Games, Cables, Digital Still Cameras, Microphones, Batteries, Animation Lamps and MiniDV Shoeboxes.

4. Students are allowed Same-Day equipment addition to a reservation if equipment is available. This does not mean they can neglect to reserve their full kit and come in for their reservation requesting the addition of two light kits, a tripod, an extension cord and batteries. Abuse of this policy may result in this privilege being suspended.

5. Groups of students in the same class on group projects are allowed to do “Back to Back” checkouts, keeping in mind that both students should be enrolled in the same class they are checking the equipment out for. This gives the students more uninterrupted equipment time for large-scale projects. BOTH STUDENTS INVOLVED SHOULD BE PRESENT ON PICKUP & RETURN. Remember, all patrons whose names appear on the checkout sheet will be responsible for any damages, late fines, etc. to the equipment and held responsible for late returns as well.

6. Stop Motion equipment can be reserved in ten-hour blocks or two students can make a 20-hour back-to-back reservation by combining their reservation blocks.

7. All students who have reserved equipment must be present during checkout procedures so that they can be recorded on the sheet. Do not assume you can pick up equipment for someone else or hold on to the equipment if it is not reserved under your name.

8. Overnight checkouts can be reserved a day in advance for the period of one hour before the Cage closes to one hour after the Cage opens the next day. Some equipment requires authorization from the students’ professor. Please ask a Cage Manager for more details.

9. Equipment can be checked out for Extended Checkout if students provide a signed Extended Checkout sheet along with an email sent from their professor to the Cage Managers for authorization. If the requested time exceeds 24 hours, the student must have their department Chair also sign their Extended Checkout sheet and email the Cage Managers.

10. All equipment will be due back every night no later than one hour before the Cage closes, unless it is authorized for overnight.

11. Equipment is allowed to travel outside of Georgia within the continental United States. This excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

12. Studio A (Hamilton Hall)/Green Screen Studio (Montgomery Hall) checkout requires that students, at the conclusion of their studio time, remove all equipment, props and materials that they have brought into the studio. Any items left in the studio will be subject to a $25 fine and disposal fee.

13. Some equipment is reserved only for students currently enrolled in certain classes (Stop Motion, Matchmoving, HDR, and Video for New Media and Compositing).

14. Some equipment requires certification to be used. If you have not taken the training, even if your class has access to it, you cannot check it out.

15. Some equipment will require professor’s authorization for use. Authorization will be requested for students checking out only light kits, only a tripod, only flag kits or only C-stands in order to ensure the equipment is being used for that student’s SFDM class and that class only. It will also be requested if a student has no certification for particular equipment, and in many cases equipment will be denied regardless of the authorization if the student is not certified to use it.

16. Some equipment requires two or more students for checkout because of A) the complexity of the equipment or B) the size of the equipment. These include, but are not limited to: DVCPro50 Camera, Skateboard Dolly.

Equipment Details

Audio Equipment - Same day check out.
Batteries – Same day reservation addition, if equipment available.
Cables - Same day reservation addition, if equipment available.
Cintiq Pen - Montgomery Hall majors only. Same day checkout. Cannot not be removed from building. Overnight checkouts have to be made one hour before the Cage closes.
Digital Still Cameras (not including D70) – Must be taking a Digital Media or CMPA class at Montgomery Hall. Same day check out.
D70 Still Cameras – Allowed only one battery and no chargers. Cameras 1, 2, and 3 are for Grad use only. Camera 4 is for undergrad students only.
MiniDV Decks – Same day check out.
DVC Pro 50 – Must have two authorized and certified students to reserve, check out, use, and return.
Game Equipment/ Titles - ITGM students and professors only. Students must be permitted by professors and management.
Glide Cam - Must be authorized and certified for use.
HDR Canon EOS 7D - Must be taking or have taken the HDR class. If the HDR Class is offered during the quarter, students who have already taken the class must have authorization from professors and management to check out.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Camera is available for Animation students working on their senior project and Animation Grad students.
HPX 170- Must be certified to use. All certified students can use the camera.
Light Boxes - Same day check out.
Light Kits - Must reserve the day prior.
Manuals (Books and DVDs) – Same day check out. Cannot leave Montgomery Hall.
Microphones – Same day check out.
Motion Capture Equipment - Only for students taking motion capture classes or that have taken a Motion Capture class. Must be reserved the day prior along with Studio.
Power Tools - Same day check out. Stop Motion use only. Used for Set Building, and generally go along with with Stop Motion Set reservations.
Projector - Same day check out. Professor’s use only.
Shoe Boxes - Same day check out.
Splicers - Same day check out. Professor’s use only. Students may use within the cage only.
Stash DVD - Professors use only.
Stop Motion - Must be taking stop motion classes or have authorization from professors and management. Checked out for 10 hour blocks.

  • ADR (Sound Booth, Whisper Suite) – Must be reserved ahead of time. Student must leave IDs for duration of checkout.
  • VSFX (Green Screen and Motion Capture studio) -VSFX Green screen only (no equipment included) can be checked out on the basis of first come first serve. As for the Mocap it has to be reserved ahead of time. Student must leave ID for duration of checkout.

Tablets and Styluses - Montgomery Hall Majors and CMPA classes only. Same day check out. Cannot leave Montgomery Hall.

Can be checked out for 10 hour blocks.
Tripods and Stands – Same day reservation addition, if equipment available.

Overnight Checkout

All Students may check out equipment overnight as long as it is reserved for pickup or checked out one hour prior to closing and returned one hour after the Cage opens the following day. Some equipment cannot be checked out overnight without authorization.


All equipment must be returned to the Cage at the end of the checkout’s allotted block of time. Students are given 15 minutes of grace time to return the equipment. Cintiq Pens and WACOM Tablets are the only exception to this rule, as they have a one hour grace period. Abuse of this grace period will not be accepted. It is meant for checking returning equipment and not for 15 minutes of extra use. If equipment is going to be returned late due to emergency, the student must notify the Cage at (912) 525-8582. Failure to return equipment within the allotted time will result in an Infringement and a fine. No exceptions.


SCAD buildings can be used for student shoots as long as the following criteria are met. Your request must be made through the facilities manager at Hamilton Hall. You must provide a lighting diagram as well as written details of the shoot. Physical Resources will make the final determination for the clearance based on recommendations from the facilities managers and the college’s schedule of events for the building. Students cannot film in any of the following: any of the SCAD properties classified as galleries, any SCAD properties that are under construction or renovation, administrative buildings, restrooms, elevators, student dorms and the student center.

All transportation needs for student shoots must be provided by the student themselves. Suitable vehicles for transport are personal vehicles and rental trucks. Physical Resources will not provide buses or trucks for student projects.

Student film shoots in SCAD buildings require a security officer on the premises. If the building has a regularly scheduled guard within sight of the location set, this requirement can be met. If the building does not have an assigned guard, a security guard must be hired by the student to monitor the set.

Film Students

No film students can use any equipment from Montgomery Cage through a student from the above listed majors. The Film Department has all the necessary equipment for their classes and shoots, so it is not necessary to use Montgomery Hall equipment.

In the circumstance where a film student is taking a SFDM (VSFX, ITGM, MOME/BCST or ANIM) class, they will be eligible to check equipment out relative to that particular class; however, they are to do so only for use in projects pertaining to that SFDM class and not for a film project/shoot or class.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in suspension of privileges for all and any students involved.


The following actions may result in an Infringement:

1. Damaging Equipment due to misuse or negligence

2. Packing equipment poorly or in a manner that shows obvious misuse, including a lack of cleanliness or the forced packing of components into potentially damaging positions

3. Failing to return equipment on time (exceeding grace period)

4. Losing any equipment or manuals

5. Checking out equipment for other students (eg. students of film/video, photography, graphic design depts., etc…)

6. Using foul language or showing aggression towards Cage monitors


Students are liable for any damages on the equipment during their possession, as indicated by check out form, a signature on which is mandatory. In the event of damage, the student will be held responsible for paying repair and restoration expenses incurred in returning the equipment back to its original state at the time of checkout. This includes the following: Cost of replacement parts, Cost of labor and Cost of shipping and handling

Infringement and Fine System

While anyone who handles checked out equipment responsibly has nothing to worry about, The Cage maintains records of individuals who have committed infringements. The cage fine system is based upon the replacement cost of the equipment that has been checked out and the amount of time past due in the event of a late return.

Generally we divide our equipment into one fine category: 30 minutes late will constitute the $75 fine. One hour late will constitute the $150 fine. Additional $75 for every half hour will continue to accumulate.

Cleaning No Show Negligence Late Returns Cintiq/Tablet
$25 $25 $25 $75 $35

There are no “first-time warnings.” It is a privilege to have access to this equipment, hence you must take the time to familiarize yourself with cage policies and be sure to take care of the equipment so other students will have access to it as well.

All Fines must be paid before you can regain equipment checkout privileges at the Bursar’s Office. Please bring a signed receipt back to the Cage in order to have your hold removed.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns:

Adrienne Boner:

Jelani Hardy: