Audio Technica AT4073A Short Mic

The Audio-Technica AT4073a is a transformerless, externally polarized line/gradient capacitor short shotgun microphone. It has been specially created to meet the critical long-distance pickup demands of broadcasting, film/TV sound, professional recording and theater sound reinforcement. It features a broad-band, linear on-axis frequency response with maximum rejection of sounds from both the sides and the rear of the microphone. Rear polar lobing, common in shotgun microphones, has been greatly reduced and the off-axis response remains highly uniform. The resultant lack of sound coloration on- and off-axis makes the this microphone particularly useful for miking dynamic action in film/TV audio as well as in "spot" miking techniques in the music studio or theater. The AT4073a provides extremely high output and a noise floor that is hardly measurable. It may be used with confidence in distant miking applications and even under the stringent demands of modern digital recording systems. An exclusive acoustic design provides same directivity as mics up to 50% longer.