• Can only be checked out by students enrolled in Montgomery Hall Motion Capture classes.
  • 5 hour check-out limit

(1) Ergo L-frame
(1) 240mm wand

Now we need to open the calibration kit to start the calibration.

Open the Calibration Kit and take out the 240mm Wand. (It is labelled.)

At this point you should stand in the center of the capture volume (marked with tape) with the wand and look at the camera views to make sure they can see the markers. You can switch to a view that allows you to see all the cameras at once to help you do this faster. If one of the cameras cannot see the wand, you will need to go back to the Hardware Config panel under Setup to reboot that camera.

Now, at the top of the screen press the Calibrate button. Open the calibrate sidebar on the right if it is not already open. Under Calibrate cameras, make sure "240_mm_Wand" is selected from the drop down menu. Choose full calibration and click start wand wave.

During the wand wave a person needs to walk around the capture volume and wave the 240mm wand. You should see all of the cameras being painted with a rainbow-like pattern that indicates where the camera has seen the wand. You will want to make sure all of the camera views become densely coated with this pattern. Also, you will see a status report that tells how many wand points each camera has seen. You should not stop until all of the numbers turn green. (about 10,000 points per camera)