Quantity of Kits: 3

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Kit Includes:
(1) Light fixture
(4) Lamps
(1) Louvre center mount w/ baby receiver
(1) Gel frame
(1) Flozier diffuser w/ pouch
(1) Black tripod w/ gobo head

DIVA-LITE portable softlights marry Kino Flo's lighting design features with new technology inspired by digital video shooters. The DIVA-LITE 400 uses Kino Flo's trademark fixture design with a full-range dimmer for precise lighting control during interviews and other field work. The DIVA-LITE 400 is available with a proprietary universal power supply (110VAC-265VAC) and excels as a soft key and fill source for globe trotting DV shooters. The very compact DIVA-LITE 200 answers the need for an even smaller, lightweight source.

DIVA-LITE softlights are ideal for interior lighting. A fixture can run tungsten or daylight-balanced lamps. The long-life lamps operate coolly, so they won't overheat your subject. Rapid drop-off from the soft light doesn’t wash out the background on tight shots. Energy-efficient ballasts can draw as little as half an Amp.

Diva-Lite Features:
Onboard dimming ballast for precise brightness control (dimming range: 100% to 5%).
High output. Flicker free. Energy efficient.
Unique fixture elements to ensure stable color rendering.
Unmatched reflector technology delivering seamless softlight for optimum photometrics.
Trademark center-mount system for easy fixture adjustments.
Built-in barn doors to control light and protect lamps during shipping.
Silver focusing louver narrows beam spread (from 100 degrees to 60 degrees) with minimal loss of light.
Flozier accessory makes the light even softer.
Bulbs and Light Stands are not included.