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Maya Techniques
Advanced Particle Instancing
Beginner's Guide
Character Articulation for Games
Developing an Environment Toolkit
Discovering Maya: Broadcast Animation
Exploring Advanced Shading Networks
Exploring Particles
Flow Workflows
How to Integrate Quadrupeds into a Production Pipeline
Hyper Realistic Body Set Up
Hyper Realistic Facing Set Up
Hyper Realistic Modeling
Integrating a Creature Animation Rig within a Production Pipeline
Introducing MEL for Games
Learning Tools: Particles for Visual Effects
Modeling a Human Head
Modeling for Animation
Motion Library and Trax Cycles
Non-Organic Surface Modeling
Patch Modeling for Visual Effects
Polygon Texturing, Lighing and Shading
Pre Visualization
Rendering 2D Effects in a 3D Environment
Rigid Body Simulations for Visual Effects
Tips, Tricks and Cheats
Understanding Fluid Effects
Understanding Maya Shading Networks
Using Mental Ray for Maya
Custom Character Toolkit
Total Training 
Total Training for Adobe After Effects 6.5 Appendix 
After Effects 6 Set 2: Animation and Special Effects
After Effects 6 Set 3: 3D, Expressions, Text & Design
After Effects 6 Set 4: Compositing & Advance Effects
Adobe Encore DVD 1.5
Adobe Encore DVD: The Essentials
Adobe Audition: The Essentials
Adobe Premiere Pro Set 2: Beyond the Basics
Adobe Premiere Pro Set 3: In The Real World
Gnomon Workshop
Constraints 1: Character/Object Interaction
Dynamics 1: Parcticle Took, Create Emitter
Dynamics 10: Soft Body Lattices and Curves
Dynamics 11: Spring Effects
Dynamics 12: Hardware Rendering
Dynamics 13: Sprite Rendering
Dynamics 2: Vertex, Point and Curve Emissions
Dynamics 3: Surface Emissions
Dynamics 4: Rigid Bodies
Dynamics 5: Fields
Dynamics 6: Fields
Dynamics 7: Instancer
Dynamics 8: Intro to Soft Bodies
Dynamics 9: Soft Bodies Effects
Expression 1: Intro to Particle Expressions
Expression 2: Particle Expression Depth
Intro to Maya - 2 Disc Set
Kinematics 1: Skeletons
Kinematics 2: Forward Kinematics
Kinematics 3: Inverse Kinematics
Kinematics 4: Arms and Legs
Modeling 1: Intro to Curves and Surfaces
Modeling 2: Farm Development
Modeling 3: GTP Race Car
Organic 1: Head Surfacing
Organic 2: head Patching
Polygon 1: Basics
Polygon 2: Advanced Tools/ Subdivision Surfaces
Rendering 1: Lighting Fundamentals
Rendering 2: Shadows
Rendering 3 - Light Effects
SHAKE: Color Correction and Layers
SHAKE: Effective Keying Techniques
SHAKE: Expressions Scripting and Macros
SHAKE: Interface and Workflow
SHAKE: Tracking and Transforms
Skinning 1: Smooth Binding with Wrap Deformers
Skinning 2: Smooth Skin Weighting
Skinning 3: Head Skinning and Weighting
Skinning 4: Smoooth Skin Influence Objects
Texturing 1: Hypershade and Materials
Texturing 2: Textures and 2d Placement
Texturing 3: Projections and Environments
Texturing 4: Basic Poly UV Layout
Texturing 5: Advanced Poly UV Layout
Digital Sets 1: Design, Modeling and Camera
Digital Sets 2: Lighting Texture
Digital Sets 3: Rendering and Compositing
Digital Sets 4: 3D Image based Terrain
Houdini: Rigid Body Dynamics
Houdini: Interface and Workflow
Visual Effects: Compositing Fundamentals
Shpherical Panoramic Photography
Gnomon: Professional Training for the Digital Artist
Maya Fluid Effects: Fundamentals
Maya Fluid Effects: Particle Integration
Maya Fluid Effects: Pyrotechnics
Gnomon & Design Studio - The Techniques Of
Harald Belker Vol 1: Introduction to Car Design and Drawing
Harald Belker Vol 2: Digital Car Rendering in Photoshop
Harald Belker Vol 3: Digital Rendering of a Vehicle in Scene
Ryan Church Vol 1: Rendering Matte Vehicles
Ryan Church Vol 2: Rendering Shiny Vehicles
Ryan Church Vol 3: Hi-Tech Architecture
Ryan Church Vol 4: Low-Tech Architecture
Ryan Church Vol 5: Architectural Interior
Dusso Vol 1: Introduction to Digital Matte Painting
Dusso Vol 2: Digital Matte Painting Fundamentals
Carlos Huante Vol 1: Creature Sketching and Design
Carlos Huante Vol 2: Digital Creature Painting
C. Lorenz Scheurer Introduction to Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop
Christian Lorenz Scheurer Advanced Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop
Feng Zhu Vol 1: Design Process - Fighting Robots
Feng Zhu Vol 2: Robot Design Refinement and Rendering
Feng Zhu Vol 3: Fundamentals of Shot Design for Environments
Motion Builder
Motion Builder 6
Motion Builder 7
asileFX Vue 6 Infinite Training
Getting Started with Vue 6 Infinite
What's New in Vue 6 Infinite
Advanced Material Creation
250 Terrain Brushes
200 Spectral Atmospheres
200 Spectral Clouds
Eat3D Unreal Tutorials
UDK Lighting and Post Processing
Unreal Cascade
Unreal Development Kit
Unreal Kismet
Unreal Materials
Unreal VFX - Material Transitions