Turtle Beach Ear Force X2 Wireless Headphones (X360)

Turtle Beach is back with a new set of headphones designed for use with the Xbox and Xbox 360. The Ear Force X2 headphones are wireless, lightweight, and come in a lovely white color to match the 360. Most importantly, the sound quality is surprisingly good and the headset is very comfortable for long play sessions.

The Ear Force X2 headphones come with a wireless headset, a transmitter, a DC power adapter, a cable to connect the headphones to the Xbox 360 controller / Xbox puck, and audio cables so you can hook the headphones up to your sound system. The headphones are fairly standard in design with a moderate level of padding on the ear cups and the fully adjustable microphone is located on the right side. Since these headphones are wireless, you can wander around your apartment and listen to music or movies or whatever and the range is very good. You just have to maintain line of sight with the transmitter, but that is SOP for most wireless headphones. The transmitter is an alien looking little device, but the extra plastic bits on the sides of it are actually meant to hold the headphones when you aren’t using them.