PS2 Controller: Standard wired PS2 controller.

PS3 Sixaxis Controller: Standard controller for PS3. Uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the PS3. Can be charged using a USB cable. Is similar to the PS2 in design, but is wireless and equipped with motion sensing technology.

Xbox360 Wireless Controller: The standard wireless controller for the Xbox360.

Wiimote: The standard controller for the Nintendo Wii. Is equipped with an inner accelerometer and tilt sensor, as well as an infrared port. Runs on AA batteries.

Wii Nunchuck Attachment: Attaches to Wiimote for additional gameplay options. Some games require the use of the Nunchuck attachment.

Wii Sensor Bar: Connects to Nintendo Wii and communicates with the Wiimote infrared ports. Can be configured in the Wii settings to be put either underneath or on top of a television.

PS3 USB Cable: Used to charge PS3 controllers by hooking them up to the PS3. Also serves to connect PS3 remotes to the PS3.