In photography, a lightbox has several applications. One is a container with several lightbulbs and a pane of frosted glass on the top. It is used by photography professionals viewing translucent films, such as slides. This device was originally used to sort photographic plates with ease. It is also used by visual artists for photo-referencing. In Montgomery Hall, light tables and lightboxes are generally used for animation. Each new frame of an animation sequence is placed over the old one so the animator can use it as a reference.

Generally, a lightbox uses light similar to daylight (5,000˚–6,000˚ K), has uniform light strength on the glass pane, and has adequate light strength (in order to not strain the vision).

Montgomery Cage is equipped with Plastic light boxes that use an external light source and a Porta Trace box with its own light source.

Light boxes have exploded in popularity in the the last couple of years. They are a versatile tool used widely in the craft, art, photography, surveying, engineering, wood craft, and tole painting markets to name a few. Their affordability, versatility, rugged construction, brightness, and full even illumination make Porta-Trace a "must have."