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MatchMoving Kits

  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Red Duct Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Black Duct Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - White Duct Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Blue Masking Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Lufkin Measuring Tape (100ft)
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Black Scissors
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Straight-Line Sonic Laser Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Stanley Level
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Yellow Rope
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Orange Spikes (x4)
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Johnson Pitch and Angle Locator
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Table Tripod
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Pendulum on String
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Stanely FAT Max
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Magnetic End Piece forĀ  FAT Max
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Gaffers Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Silver Tape
  • Matchmoving Kit #01 - Tool Shop
  • Matchmoving Kit #02 - Tennis Balls (x7)
  • Matchmoving Kit #02 - Wooden Sticks (x24)
  • Matchmoving Kit #02 - Hammer

In cinematography, match moving is a visual effects technology to allow the insertion of virtual objects into real footage with the correct position, scale, orientation and motion in relation to the photographed objects in the scene. The term is used loosely to refer to several different ways of extracting motion information from a motion picture, particularly camera movement. Match moving is related to rotoscoping and photogrammetry. It is sometimes referred to as motion tracking.

Match moving is distinct from motion capture. The latter is a technology for recording the motion of objects, often human actors, in a controlled environment with special cameras and technology. The former is a software technique applied to normal footage, typically recorded in uncontrolled environments with ordinary cameras. Match moving is the art of extracting motion information from actual footage, where additional cameras, motion capture sensors, and motion control photography are not necessarily used.