Sony GV-D300 MiniDV Shoebox

DV format offers up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution and significantly higher S/N ratio to provide stunning Video performance. i.LINK DV In/Out (IEEE 1394) lets you edit or dub between another Digital camcorder, VCR or computer equipped with DV Capture Card, with virtually no generation loss. In addition to DV Interface, they feature Composite (RCA) and S-Video input and output for compatibility with Analog equipment. A headphone jack is included, as well. LP mode for up to 90 minute recording on a 60-minute Mini DV cassette. Three Search modes: by Index, Date or Photo. Digital Stereo recording with a choice of two modes: Two 12-bit stereo tracks (32k Hz) for near CD sound quality, or one 16-bit (48k Hz) stereo track for DAT quality recording.

Audio dubbing utilizing the 12-bit PCM Record mode lets you add an additional high quality, stereo soundtrack. You can add music or narration to your Videos without affecting your original soundtrack. Index Titler lets you create custom titles (22 characters), 2 sizes, 7 colors, 9 positions, or 8 preset titles (Happy Birthday etc.), using 4k cassette memory chip. Built in Assemble Editor lets you mark cut-in and cut-out points for up to 20 separate scenes. Use the Video Walkman as your source VCR, while controlling almost any remote-capable camcorder or VCR, via Infrared as your recorder. To use the Video Walkman as your recorder, you can use the optional optional DSRM-E1 Assemble Editor. Crystal clear Slow Motion Playback (even in Pause mode). Drop-Frame Time Code for Frame Accurate editing.

Control L Interface for connection to other VCRs and camcorders, with a Control L jack for synchronized editing. LaserLink system provides wireless connection from the Walkman to your TV, up to 16 feet away (requires optional IFT-R10 receiver). Can also power your Sony TV and switch to the correct input, all at the touch of one button. Uses No-Memory InfoLithium battery, which can also display in minutes the amount of power remaining at all times.