Logitec Quickcam Pro 9000

QuickCam is a line of webcam video camera products by Logitech.

The original QuickCam was developed by Connectix in 1994 and was the first widely marketed webcam-like device, although its original advertising did not use the term "webcam" or refer to the World Wide Web, then in its infancy. Video conferencing via computers already existed at the time, and client-server based video conferencing software such as CU-SeeMe was gaining popularity.

The initial model was available only for the Apple Macintosh, connecting to it via the serial port. It produced 16 shades of gray at a resolution of 320×240 pixels, and could record video at about 15 frame/s; it cost $100.

The software that originally shipped with the camera included QuickMovie for recording motion pictures and QuickPICT for capturing still images.

The QuickCam product line was acquired by Logitech in 1998. The company has gradually decreased support for the Macintosh platform, with only one current model officially supporting Mac or including Mac drivers. This could largely be the result of Apple building webcams into their laptop and desktop computers, negating the need for external third party devices. Many of the latter are supported by the macam open source drivers. Many recent models implement the USB video device class standard and work under Mac OS without additional drivers.

Today, Logitech QuickCam is one of the world's most recognized webcam brands.

  • QuickCam Pro 9000: 1600×1200 pixel, 80° coverage, frame rates: 30 Hz at CIF/VGA, 15 Hz at 720p, autofocus, Carl Zeiss glass lens, built-in microphone, 1.8 m USB 2.0 cable, implements USB video device class standard (supported by Linux UVC driver (V4L2 API), Skype), received highly positive reviews for image and audio quality in early 2008