Using Scanner (Principles of 2D Anim)

Using Scanner (Principles of 2D Anim)

Postby cvince20 on Dec 11th, '14, 15:20

Note: This tutorial is for the scanners in room 303 and 305, for Animation students who want to efficiently scan in their assignments at high speed.

1. Put your papers into the scanner's document feeder, about 10-15 at a time. Make sure everything is aligned.

2. Open Vue scan. Make sure the following options are set before scanning:
Source: Fi-6770ACGA
Mode: Doc Feeder
Scan resolution: 200 DPI

3. Continue scanning and only click "Last Page" when you are done scanning the whole shot.

4. A .pdf will be exported to your Pictures folder. Open it in Adobe Acrobat. Click File>Save As Other>Image>JPEG. Choose your folder destination. A JPEG Sequence will be created that you can import into any video editor.

5. If you have holds and/or 2's in your animation, you can edit it in Toon Boom Stage. Open the program and go to File>Import>Images. Select all your .jpg files and import them at once. This will create a single layer in toonboom with your sequence arranged in frames along the timeline. Once you are done editing your frames, you can go to export>movie. The .mov extension is preferable.
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