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Migrating work from Houdini 9.5 to 10 - Fur related

PostPosted: Apr 28th, '10, 12:43
by htaimur
Here are the suggestions from sidefx:

1) Embedded the old Fur Object HDA into the .hip file and simply
continue using the old HDA. For this, just load the file in Houdini 9,
choose "Type Properties..." from the right mouse button menu on a Fur
Object node. Type "Embedded" into the "Save to Library" field and click
"Accept". If you now re-save the .hip file, it should continue working
with Houdini 10.0 with the old Fur Object HDA.

2) Manually fix any problems in the editable portion of the Fur Object
to match changes to the non-editable portions. Some parameters on the
Fur Object have also changed and will need to be manually updated. The
main problem with your .hip file is a change to the parameters used by
the embedded material. This can be fixed by using the Material Palette
to put down a new Textured Hair Material and updating the Fur Object's
"Material" parameter to use this new material. Instead of using an
external Textured Hair Material, you can updated the contents of the
contained Textured Hair Material. To do this, first use the Material
Palette to create a temporary Textured Hair Material, dive inside and
copy the nodes. Now, dive into
/obj/torus_object1_fur/fur/shopnet1/textured_hair/, delete the nodes and
paste the copied nodes.