some Houdini errors

some Houdini errors

Postby mgonul20 on Nov 9th, '10, 12:23

Houdini may encounter various problems while launching. Most of the time, it will throw an error but keep on launching. A simple way of fixing a huge chunk of these errors is by deleting the preferences folder just like in Maya. And also as in Maya, Houdini preferences folder is located in user's documents. If you have custom preferences and don't want to loose them, just rename the folder from "houdini10.0" to "houdini10.0.old". Also look for this folder in two places. One is your network home, which is H:\ in windows and /stuhome in linux, and the other one is the local one which is located in /home/yourusername/houdini10.0 in linux, and My Documents folder in windows.
Things this should resolve are corrupted menu icons, can't find disk, corrupted operators, and etc.

If you can't access the help documentation from the help menu, chances are that there is a firewall restriction on tcp port 48262. please fill a problem report indicating the name of the workstation you are on. In the mean time you can access the help documentation from the sidefx website here
or if you are using a different version here

If you are running out of disk space in windows while running a large DOP sim, try setting the explicit cache to output to the temp drive. If not set, Houdini will load up to 500 MBs to the ram, then it will start dumping data per frame into the c drive. This is its default.

If you are having memory allocation errors, try caching your simulation to the temp drive (D:\ in windows, /temp/ in linux) instead of keeping it in memory. Please read up on explicit memory options from Houdini documentation to help you with this. The theory behind this is almost the same as above. You need to set Houdini to dump the cache to a file in the temp drive so it doesn't fill up the ram and potentially crash.
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