Plug-Ins for Nuke

Plug-Ins for Nuke

Postby pherri20 on Feb 9th, '11, 12:07

I've recently come across some extremely useful plugins for Nuke (and other OpenFX based apps). I'll try to keep a list here as I find more, for anyone else looking to see what's out here. Some of these are free, most of the good ones are not.


Cleanup/Productivity Tools (a few come bundled in Nuke already)
$4400 Individual Licenses

Stereoscopic Post-Production
Available Soon (Pre-Release Version Available for Trial)

Rolling Shutter
For all your DSLR (or CMOS sensor) needs. (Resolves skew problems) Nuke/AE
$500 Individual Licenses

Flare Factory Plus
Really nice, customizable flares.


Compositing FX for Nuke (OFX)
$2000 Individual Licenses

Sapphire Effects
Compositing FX for Nuke, AE, etc.
$1700 Individual Licenses

Bit pricy for a student to buy, but both of these are really good plugins with a wide range of use:

In Sapphire,, well just click that link and get some interactive examples. Lots of neat stuff out of the box, and so much room to tweak and make it your own effect.

In Tinder,, you have all kinds of glows, beams, flares, flashes, distortions, warps, haze, creative grading effects, stylization, deflicker, particles, and a whole lot of other things.

Neat Video:
Denoiser for Nuke (OFX), After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut
OFX: $200
Others: $100

Don't judge a book by it's cover! If you are shooting with any digital camcorder, this is a must have. Especially if you're shooting with a DSLR or an HVX. Or worse, a DVX. Yes, this plugin can actually make DVX footage come into the almost useable range, not kidding. This is simply the best denoiser that exists. Much more effective than Nuke's Furnace Degrain. It can literally handle anything. I repeat, if you are shooting with a DSLR or an HVX (both really noisy) you need to use this. This will also help with the nasty aliasing and artifacting that comes from the scaled up, line-skipped DSLR footage, and the squeezed, uprezzed HVX footage. I'm going to say it one more time, you need this for your footage to look good from those cameras. Do not think you can ignore this unless you're shooting with a Phantom, F35, or a RED. Even then, it wouldn't hurt to have on hand... its really good. I can't stress my recommendation enough to do it justice... try it out in your favorite software with your worst footage and you'll see.

I don't have a before and after, but here is the plugin applied to some miniDV footage from a film I shot in 2006 with a Canon GL2. It was all shot at night, low light, lots of gain, lots of noise... like you wouldn't believe. There was literally never more than one practical light in a scene: a lantern and a desk lamp (why I thought that was a good idea at the time is beyond me). However, the plugin worked wonders for this film:

Typically DSLR footage is practically ungradeable because of the video noise, and lack of data. This plugin makes up for some of that, here's a test I found:

Frichluft LensCare
for Nuke (OFX), AE, Photoshop
OFX: $239
AE: $199
PS: $89

Everything lenses: DOF, Bokeh, etc. Much better than your regular Nuke Z-depth.

The Third and the Seventh - by Alex Roman:
The Sandpit - by Sam O'Hare:

I'll try to keep updating with some free or freeish plugins.
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