Camera Troubleshooting

Camera Troubleshooting

Postby aabrams on Apr 29th, '10, 15:51

Camera issues on the capture stations are a regular issue that pops up in rooms 326, 303, and 108 and are usually a very easy fix.

If Flipbook is saying that it can't find or connect to the camera...
- Check the Dazzle box located next to the monitor, it should have a green light next to AtoD (Analog to Digital).
- If it is not on AtoD then there is a small button on the back of the Dazzle box that cycles through the modes, simply press that button until AtoD 's light is on.
- If AtoD is selected but the light is red and not green then it's a matter of unplugging the power from the dazzle count to 3 and plug it back in. Then press the mode button on the back of the dazzle box and select AtoD. It should be green now.

In both cases the computer should say new hardware is connected or in some cases flipbook will recognize it and work right away.

If this does not fix the solution than please submit a PROBLEM REPORT.

Play with the settings on the camera.
Unplug cables beyond the power cable on the dazzle box.
Touch the light bulbs (touching them or moving them around will cause them to burn out very quickly due to the oil on people's fingers.)
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