Photoshop crashes when saving, or always

Photoshop crashes when saving, or always

Postby wschil20 on Jan 17th, '10, 17:39

NOTE: This post covers Photoshop, but could also be applicable to any Adobe program that is crashing for apparently no reason

Very rarely, it is possible for your Adobe Preferences to become corrupt, causing any number of problems. We've seen this before where it causes Photoshop to rash when saving files. Sometimes the problem occurs where Photoshop will crash for pretty much anything. Here's how to fix it:

1. If you haven't already, try rebooting you computer and see if the problem still occurs.
2. If you haven't already, try another computer to see if the problem still occurs.
    A. If Photoshop still crashes on other computers, Contact Network Services/SCAD Helpdesk, or the Systems Office
    B. If Photoshop does not crash on other computers, your local preferences are probably corrupt. Continue to step 3.
3. Open up windows explorer, and copy paste this line into the address bar and hit Enter:
Code: Select all
C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Adobe

4. Make sure Photoshop is closed, then rename the folder called "Adobe Photoshop CS4" to something like "Adobe Photoshop CS4 backup."
5. Launch Photoshop again, everythign should work now. If you had custom brushes or anything, you can copy those files from the backup folder. If you're still having problems, make a visit to the Systems Office!!!
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