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Afer Effects Crashes when Exporting Quicktime:

PostPosted: Mar 3rd, '10, 18:14
by bsoder20
Description of Error:
When a user tries rendering a project through Make Movie > Ouput Module > Quicktime Movie, AE crashes with the error code 0::42 if the user simply clicks the Format Options button for Audio output. In addition, if the user selects File > Export > Quicktime Movie, the movie will get about half way done and crash with the same error.

This error occurs on all workstations and is most likely related to a conflict with the integrated Realtek audio sound card.

As of now, there is no immediate cure-all fix for the issue and it is recommended to avoid File > Export > Quicktime Movie. However, users can still render Quicktime movies through Composition > Make Movie so long as the user does not click the Format Options for the audio settings. If the movie crashes AE while rendering, see the following thread for solutions:

Re: Afer Effects Crashes when Exporting Quicktime:

PostPosted: May 19th, '10, 16:05
by bsoder20
Still no cure-all solution to the problem, but it has been discovered that the source of the problem is a conflict with After Effects CS4 and Quicktime version 7.4.6 or higher. Since the only way to fix this problem would be to install CS5 or fall back to an older version of Quicktime, it is not practical to fix on a mass-scale. This will be fixed in the next computer image.

Until then, it is advised to use the aforementioned work-around.