Render Error when working from TEMP drive

Render Error when working from TEMP drive

Postby wschil20 on Apr 28th, '09, 10:30

This is certainly not the only thing that can cause errors, but sometimes AE stops during a render because of the project location.

It's advisable to always work from the temp (D:\) drive, but you must work from a subfolder.

When working in After Effects (or any program), it is recommended that you create a new folder on the TEMP drive, and name it something such as "myproject". Now, copy all of you working files to that folder, and load those in After Effects instead of from one of the network drives (N, O, M,).

Working from a folder on the temp drive is faster and more reliable, and you are unlikely to run out of space when working. Don't forget to copy you files back to where you need them when you are done

The reason I post this is because if you have files in the root folder of the Temp drive (such as D:\myfile.txt instead of D:\myproject\myfile.txt), that can cause errors for no apparent reason. Just work from a subfolder if you are not already.
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