Checklist before Submitting

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Checklist before Submitting

Postby wschil20 on Mar 9th, '09, 15:39

A few things to check before you submit, or if something is missing/your job wont render correctly:

1- check that your project is set within a folder. such as:
There should be at least those folders in your project, probably more

2-the "workspace.mel" file defines those folders where yours scenes, images, etc ... are. This happens automatically when you are in maya and choose file > project > set ...
If you open "workspace.mel" with a text editor, you can double check that you project is correct, it should look something like (but probably has more to it):
    //Maya 2009 x64 Project Definition
    workspace -fr "scene" "scenes";
    workspace -fr "sourceImages" "sourceimages";
    workspace -fr "images" "images";
3-now you just need to put that project folder on the Renderfarm, there are several ways (choose one):
---A: Online. First, on your computer, zip your project folder (i.e "my_project") to a Zip file. Make SURE you save it as .zip and NOT .7s or .rar which may be the default.
In Windows, right click and use 7zip ---change the format to .zip
In Linux, right click and "Create Archive" --- change the format to .zip
Now got to file manager, and upload the .zip file. The reason you do this is so that you only upload one .zip file instead of many separate files and folders (online only). Your project is automatically unzipped when it is uploaded, so don't worry about that.
---B: Windows. you do not need to zip your project. Go to My Network Places (on the desktop) > Entire Network > Microsoft Windows Network > > Render. now open the folder with your username and place your maya project folder in there.
---C: Linux. you do not need to zip your project. click on the desktop shortcut for RENDERFARM or navigate to "/renderfarm" and place you Maya project folder in here.

4-last step, submit the job online:
for Maya software or Mental Ray:
for Maya with Renderman:

If something is still wrong, submit a problem report, or talk to us at the Systems Office
Montgomery Hall Systems Office
School of Film and Digital Media
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