renderfarm cant read the file

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renderfarm cant read the file

Postby dhvora20 on Jan 27th, '17, 15:54

I am trying to batch render in renderfarm for mental ray in maya 2016.5 and this error keeps coming and it just gives me logs files

mental ray for Maya 2016 Extension 2
mental ray: version, Jan 4 2016, revision 256946
mental ray: started on "", Fri Jan 27 12:32:59 2017
pymel.core : INFO : Updating pymel with pre-loaded plugins: invertShape, mayaHIK, CloudImportExport, curveWarp, tiffFloatReader, MASH, poseInterpolator, bifrostvisplugin, Mayatomr, ikSpringSolver, ik2Bsolver, xgenToolkit, AbcExport, retargeterNodes, OpenEXRLoader, lookdevKit, Unfold3D, Type
Error: line 1: File not found: "/root/farmhome/dhvora20//scenes/was_26.mb"
Error: file: /tmp/ASTMPT8MfFU.mel line 30: Cannot load scene "/root/farmhome/dhvora20//scenes/was_26.mb". Please check the scene name.
// Maya exited with status 209
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