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Unable to locate MAYA_APP_DIR

PostPosted: Jan 26th, '10, 09:42
by wschil20
Sometimes, this error will occur. It's not a problem with Maya, but the network. If Maya asks you to set a valid MAYA_APP_DIR location before launching, you can choose a new location for your preferences to be saved, such as D:\maya. If you click "cancel," Maya will not launch.

First, If you set a new location for MAYA_APP_DIR, Maya should work fine.
Second, this error almost always occurs because your H:\ drive/stuhome drive is not available. This means A: your preferences wont be saved, and B:you probably can't save your files where you want anyway. All you need to do is choose a new temporary location for Maya because H:\maya is not available.
Third, You may also try rebooting the computer and check that you stuhome/fachome is now available. If the the error is still occuring, or your stuhome is not available on your H:\ drive, please submit a Problem Report.

So, if you want to keep working, everything should work fine (sans preferences) if you set a new temporary location. Otherwise, reboot, or use another computer and submit a Problem Report to us.