UV's Are Erratic or Will Not Update at All:

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UV's Are Erratic or Will Not Update at All:

Postby bsoder20 on May 12th, '09, 14:12

We have recently been receiving reports from students and faculty who are having trouble editing their UVs in Maya. The problem occurs when the UV editor is open and the UVs are selected. Sometimes, the move tool will not update the UVs or the UV vertexes will move, but the edges will not. Other times, the UVs are merely slow and erratic.

If you have experienced any of the aforementioned problems, the following should fix the error:

1. Close Maya if it is open.
2. Right click on Desktop > choose NVIDIA Control Panel > choose Advanced Settings > choose Manage 3D Settings > choose "Maya Autodesk" from the profile drop-down menu > click Apply.

If that does not fix the problem, please submit a problem report and we will look into it further.
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Re: UV's Are Erratic or Will Not Update at All:

Postby jheete20 on Sep 29th, '09, 09:43

The profiles that are built into the Nvidia driver are designed to be used automatically based on the software being run. It looks for maya.exe to run and then should start the Maya profile with no interaction from the user. We need to keep this issue in mind over the winter break so that we can pay attention to the Nvidia driver on the new windows image and make sure it is switching profiles correctly. This is a problem that keeps coming up, and most people do not know/should not need to know how to fix the problem.
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Re: UV's Are Erratic or Will Not Update at All:

Postby wschil20 on Jan 26th, '10, 09:11

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