Placing a displacement map in Maya 2010

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Placing a displacement map in Maya 2010

Postby sfrenc21 on Jan 27th, '11, 19:37

I am trying to place a displacement map on geometry that I have modeled with a rock texture but after placing the displacement map file into the displacement map Shader node, when I render my scene it doesn't show. I wanted to know what necessary adjustments I need to make in order for it to work. Do I need to make a better displacement map file, adjust the alpha gain or offset, or adjust the render settings?
Here is another render shot with just the displacement map
Here is a render shot of my scene with the rock texture and the displacement map
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Re: Placing a displacement map in Maya 2010

Postby aabrams on Feb 1st, '11, 09:35

Can you post more like your displacement map and maybe a snap shot of your shading network?
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