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Missing Panel Windows

PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '11, 14:16
by wschil20
This can happen when switching between computers especially with multiple monitors where screen coordinates may be different. For example, one computer may treat the left monitor as position x:0, and another computer may treat it as x:-1600.

Before posting this, I realized that professor Ken Huff already addressed this issue to his students.
Taken from the invaluable Ken Huff
There are two methods to fix this:
Method 1: Quit Maya. Delete the file, maya/version/prefs/windowPrefs.mel. Restart Maya.
Method 2: Restart Maya. Type the following in the MEL command line, followed by Enter:
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windowPref -removeAll;
Restart Maya.

If you permanently want to avoid this issue, go to the Window menu > Settings/Preferences > Preferences: Interface Category. Turn off Windows: Remember size and position

Another method, if you like to keep your layout except for the offscreen/missing windows, is to edit the windowPrefs.mel file and just change any large or negative values to something that is guaranteed to be on screen.
So, something like this:
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windowPref -topLeftCorner -1500 20 -widthHeight 700 400 -parentMain true hyperGraphPanel1Window;

would need to be changed to this:
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windowPref -topLeftCorner 0 20 -widthHeight 700 400 -parentMain true hyperGraphPanel1Window;

Re: Missing Panel Windows

PostPosted: Apr 18th, '11, 16:51
by cbarne22
Just thought i'd let everyone know, if you'r on a windows computer and a panel is off screen, for example moving from a 2 monitor computer to a 1 monitor computer, you can select the missing window, either by the toolbar at the bottom of the screen or by alt-tabbing to it, then press the windows key and either the right or left arrow key (This moves the window in that direction). Sometimes youll have to push it a couple times to move it all the way to the current monitor. Hope that helps anyone else too.

Re: Missing Panel Windows

PostPosted: May 25th, '11, 08:24
by dhernand
what's happening is that either the main maya window or any tool/window that you open through maya opens up to the side of the screen where one can't see it to move it back to the screen. This generally happens when one shifts from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor setup. The solution to this is simple.

Once you open the window which you are unable to see, press Ctrl-space. Let go. Then press M. Let go. Then use your arrow keys on the keyboard to move the window to the left/right/up or down. You can do this on any other window too, not just the maya window.