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AE camera to maya tracking

Postby dbrook25 on Feb 12th, '14, 17:08

I am trying to track a shot where the camera is moving linearly along the side of a road, and the road will have 3d objects composited onto it. The track was not working well in Matchmover because of the length of the track (or possibly my ignorance to the software), but the after effects 3d camera track seemed to do the job. I exported the camera into maya and because of the camera's position keyframes, I grouped the camera and applied orbiting and moved the group around to match the camera height, position, grid, etc of my original scene.

The problem is in the grid movement, when I orbit the grid I get this weird rotation where the grid seems to move exponentially around the axis with the more I pull on the orbit tool. Im really confused - not only about this problem but the entire matchmoving process as a whole. Any help would be greatly appreciated with problems or workflow critique.

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