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I put 10 frames on the farm at 5pm as a quick test and at 7:

PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '16, 10:31
by dhernand
I put 10 frames on the farm at 5pm as a quick test and at 7:30pm I have yet to receive any nodes with only 6 people rendering on the farm and 200 nodes working. This seems inefficient and I am confused as to how this will be useful if it can be so easily monopolized for long periods of time. Also I have seen max retries on frames reach into the 20's before stopping, which I do not believe is correct especially if those frames are reaching over 2 hours, that's potentially 40+ hours of wasted node time for a single frame which again doesn't seem correct.

Re: I put 10 frames on the farm at 5pm as a quick test and at 7:

PostPosted: Feb 23rd, '16, 10:32
by dhernand
This is job 3726
<EM>Jonah B Laird on 02.18.2016</EM>

Emailed the student on his questions:

For your render job not getting immediately render issue.

Renderfarm working like this: Every person can get roughly 50 frame rendered at the same time, if his job is very light, which takes a couple of minutes to render, and his job is in the queue for rendering, it would takes like less than half an hour to complete all his frames even if he has hundreds(250 maxium).
But his job is very heavy which takes 60 even 100 minutes to render, then he would possible occupy 50 render nodes for a long period of time( a couple of hours). This normally wouldn't be a issue in less busy hours since there is enough available nodes( close to 300 nodes if Monty is empty), or nobody is really rendering heavy scenes on renderfarm (everybody's job is getting done super fast).

But if there happens to have a couple of people rendering heavy scenes, and Monty is very busy. Which could happen approaching the end of the quarter, when people need to submit high quality renders and during week days, when Monty are constantly full so no spare computers can be used to render renderfarm jobs.
Then the renderfarm queue is going to move very slowly. But still, your jobs wouldn't take over a day to finish.

And nobody is monopolizing renderfarm, it grants everybody the same amount of render nodes, as long as the frame does not take over 2 hours to render, it will not be kicked out of the farm. No one has special privileges and no one has the authority to delete other people's job( Only the administrator for renderfarm can)

As for MAX RETRY issue, it is because during week days, Monty are very busy and people logged off and log onto computer all the time, when a computer is idle, it will be used as a render node. But if a student touches it, it will give up that job. Then the render farm will assign that render to another computer, but if that computer gets logged in, then it is dropped again. If this process repeat too many times, then renderfarm will drop that frame completely. It is not reaching 2 hour limit and retry, if it is exceeding 2 hours, it will just tell the renderfarm to kick out the job entirely, it wouldn't retry.

Hope this answers your questions.

<EM>Wuyang Wang on 02.20.2016</EM>