Using RenderMan Studio 1.01 for Maya 2008.

Issues specific to RenderMan and the render farm.

Using RenderMan Studio 1.01 for Maya 2008.

Postby dahale20 on May 18th, '09, 16:39

We've switched to RMS2.0 last minute in the quarter due to requests from Malcolm Kesson. However, the farm is still currently running RMS1 so if anyone has stuff they need to work on in RMS1 to render on the farm while they still can you can simply append the following to your /stuhome/bash_custom file:

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export RATTREE=/opt/pixar/RenderMan_Studio-1.0.1-Maya2008
export RMSTREE=/opt/pixar/RenderMan_Studio-1.0.1-Maya2008

The results are obvious.
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