not reusing shadow maps/texture maps

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not reusing shadow maps/texture maps

Postby dhernand on Mar 8th, '13, 15:35

Still diagnosing issues with renderman on the farm. As of 2 weeks ago, it was decided that it was a network issue with the farm not fully referencing all of the files in a project folder, and crashing maya when it went to access things that didn't exist. Today it is still doing that. However, I noticed that I have set in my renderman settings to re-use certain passes (spotlight shadow passes, and txmake passes) where renderman would spend time calculating these before each shot. Re-using them should reduce the workload on the farm, as it does not have to do 3 passes for the shadows, another pass for each texture map, and then a final pass with it all combined. However, the farm is ignoring the re-use setting, and is re-rendering everything each time. My job numbers today were 203021, and 203024. Both submitted 10 frames, same as last time, and no changes were made to the files each time. 0/10 useable frames on 203021, and 8/10 the second time.
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