Skybox Doesn’t Render Properly:

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Skybox Doesn’t Render Properly:

Postby bsoder20 on Feb 3rd, '10, 18:29

Known Issue:

On XW8400 worksations, levels with lightmass enabled will display the skybox as a black shape with a glowing white outline:

Solution 1:
Disable height fog by modifying the UTEngine.ini file:
Change "FloatingPointRenderTargets" to false in"C:\UDK\UDK-2009-11\UTGame\Config\UTEngine.ini" under [SystemSettings] category.

Solution 2:
Toggle height fog through the console:
In-game / testing in editor, press ~ and type type 'Show Fog' into the console.

This error is most likely the product of the outdated 1500 FX Quadro cards in the 8400's. Epic is aware of the issue, but there is currently no fix to date.
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