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UDK Cleaner:

Postby bsoder20 on May 14th, '10, 17:17

This forum thread covers the purpose and use of UDK cleaner, a recent script distributed by the systems office.

Throughout the quarter, various mods and projects may require or encourage the modification of UDK's internal file structure. Over time, these modifications can make UDK unstable or even unusable. In the event of this happening, UDK cleaner gives students the ability to restore UDK to a working version with the simple click of an icon.

UDK cleaner can be found in two locations:
1. The Gaming folder on the Desktop called CLEAN UDK-2010-03 (or whatever the current version is)
2. The UDK directory C:\UDK\CLEAN_UDK.exe

Run the file from either location and the script should produce a progress bar with a confirmation that UDK has been restored. If there was a problem running the script, please submit a problem report so that the issue can be addressed.
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