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sound in linux, maya, houdini

PostPosted: Feb 28th, '10, 18:00
by wschil20
If you're having trouble with sound in Linux, specifically Maya or Houdini, you've found the right place.

---First off, don't use MP3 files, they are a proprietary (although popular) format with lossy compression. Like using JPG as an output format for images, it's nasty. MP3 requires paid licenses in order to be used in software, that's why many programs avoid it when it's not necessary.
---If you need to convert your files, use something like VLC, Adobe Soundbooth, Winamp Pro. Use .aiff or .wav
---If you still have problems, close other applications that could be using the audio driver, such Firefox(youtube, facebook).
---If you still still have problems, submit a Problem Report or talk to us at the Systems Office, room 125. We are open 8am to Midnight 7days a week and are usually not busy at all after class hours. Feel free to post in the forums and attach any troublesome audio files

Maya info:
Maya Supported Audio Formats

Houdini info:
Houdini Supported Audio Formats

Re: sound in linux, maya, houdini

PostPosted: Mar 5th, '10, 17:39
by wschil20
Update, you can also try this:
Go to System > Preferences > Sound
Choose something like ALSA sound driver instead of Auto-detect where applicable.

This may fix certain operation issues, but will probably not fix the problem with Firefox taking over the sound driver and preventing other applications from using audio. If you have any troubles, once again, please come to the Systems Office or submit a Problem Report