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record linux desktop

Postby guoxie20 on Dec 2nd, '10, 16:58

Here is a small tutorial about how to use VLC player to record the desktop on Linux.

1.Open VLC.
2.Capture Device
change the capture mode to "Desktop"
change the frame rate to 15
after that, click Convert/Save button.
save your file to your local directory
choose MP4
5.Video code
choose H-264
adjust the Birate to 8192kb/s
setting Scale to 1
That's all.

Advantage: It's free and already in our image. The video size is small and the quality is good.
Disadvantage: We can not see the mouse cursor in the video.

[ Play Quicktime file ] VLC_setting.mp4 [ 1.4 MiB | Viewed 3107 times ]

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