new login limit policy

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new login limit policy

Postby pherri20 on Mar 11th, '11, 17:39

"Starting today SCAD will be instituting a new policy regarding multiple logins through out the building.

If multiple computers ( 2 or more ) are found logged in and unattended that student will be first issued a warning and if the offense is repeated the user’s account will be locked until judicial actions have been taken.

The reason for this policy is to insure that computers are available to students during class times. This policy will also assist the render farm during other hours, allowing for any systems currently not in use to join the farm.

If you have any questions pertaining to this policy please visit the systems office between 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday."

This new policy, if fully instituted and enforced, severely threatens not only the quality of work that we are able to complete at SCAD, but in a lot of cases absolutely eliminates a good portion of the work that we are doing (not to mention prematurely killing all creative possibilities moving forward).

I do realize it can cause problems when lots of students are taking entire rooms to render locally around midterms and finals. Surely that needs to be addressed, but not in such a rash manner as this.

There are many factors and variables that need to be considered.

1. The current farm has a limit of 2 GB projects. Not enough space for high-end work.
2. The current farm has a limit of 2 hrs per frame. Not enough time for high-end work.
3. The current farm has a limit of 20 submissions. Not enough for the entire digital media department.
4. The current dedicated nodes cause almost all projects to hit (or risk hitting) the 2hr mark. Not acceptable.
5. Many aspects MUST be rendered locally, there's no getting around it. One machine cannot accomplish that.
6. Major policy changes without warning during midterms and finals causes serious problems.

Here are a few suggestions to remedy the initial problem, however this unnacceptable new policy will have to be immediately reversed. At the end of the day, not everything can be fixed by a policy. Any number of policies would not change the aforementioned issues.

1. Limit local renders in occupied classrooms during class times. Post class times in the room.
2. Limit local renders to a reasonable number (5-10).
3. Allow override permission of max project sizes.
4. Allow override permission of max rendertime.
5. Allow selection of useable nodes and deletion of individual nodes mid-render.
6. Proceed with renderfarm upgrade.
7. Allow for faculty and student input before making more policies.

Thank you.
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Re: new login limit policy

Postby rsimon21 on Apr 1st, '11, 20:40

I completely agree with caveats number 1,2,6,and 7 and think that it is a fairly reasonable list of requests. The way things are, we simply do not have enough resources to accomidate the people that need to get things rendered for both their projects and their reels.

In addition to this list, I recommend either upgrading the mac labs to 8 or 16 core machines or replacing one or two of them with windows-only labs and removing the login limitations on those machines. This would help alleviate some of the difficulties we are having.
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Re: new login limit policy

Postby jilkka20 on May 18th, '11, 19:05

Completely agree with that. The funny thing is that the policy and the limit logins enforcement software contradict each other. Limit Logins allows you to be on 3 systems before it kicks you off of one.
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